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Hello and welcome to the Infernal Paragons website and forum!

Thank you for being interested in our Guild.

We are currently recruiting lvl 70 players with an IL of 12k iL, unless you are a support class as deemed by officers (tank, heals, as needed) then you must have 11k. Despite being a semi-casual guild focusing mainly on PVE, we do a few players who enjoy PVP. Both play style are welcomed!

Guild Specifics: Guild Hall 20
  • Rank 10 Barracks (8k Power)
  • Rank 10 Stables (8k Armor Pen, 8k Defense, 20% Mount speed)
  • Rank 10 Temple (8k Life Steal)
  • Rank 10 Wizard's Workshop (32k hp)
  • All Vendors on Rotation Schedule for the Mastercrafters!

Currently, Infernal Paragons has a few slots open for friendly helpful players, if you'd like to join us contact an officer In-game or apply at our website at the link below!

Below you can find more information about us, our activities and policies.

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You can also contact one of the officers in game:


Some information about us.

Infernal Paragons was originally formed during the Beta days as Twilight Empire, back in July 2013. As more members started to joined,we branched off into 2 guilds, creating a sub-guild called Twilight Empire, with emphasis on levelling up and renamed our main guild to Infernal Paragons for end game content, linking both guilds with a private channel.

With the coming of Strongholds, we unfortunately had to close down our sister guild, Twilight Empire, due to the cost of building up the stronghold. We brought everyone together under one roof and have built a strong community and family. Focusing on working and helping each other for personal and guild growth.

Our Requirements:

Our current item level requirement for all classes is 12k TIL. You do not need to be "BIS" to join us. All we require is for you to be active, friendly while contributing to the growth of the guild and be willing to work on improving yourself as a player.

We do not have a limit on the number of alt characters you can join with but they require to be 60 and above.

Additionally, since we have maxed out our stronghold, we encourage our members to donate any resources they have to our allies!

About our Activity:

Our guild is mainly PVE and that's the most common kind of guild run you'll find, but we're constantly forming groups for all epic content in the game, all the way to the endgame dungeons. We are constantly forming groups for content, including Tong and Cradle of the Death God plus a multitude of dungeon runs per day and soon Castle Ravenloft. You can also group for friendly SH siege runs to earn a shiny Ruby from completing Storming the Castle. We also have players grouping up for PVP domination and BID and everyone is welcomed to join them!

We also organise various guild events with prizes to be won throughout the year.

We usually have between 10 to 30 players online at a time. Our player come from a wide range of countries, including, North America, Europe, Middle East, S.E Asia, and Australia/New Zealand. We welcome any nationalities as long as you speak and understand English. A custom channel connects all of us together that is solely used as guild chat. This means we are always in contact with each other, no matter what character we play on. We currently have limited space for new members.


We are the Helm guild in the Infernal Alliance, an active and casual alliance compromised of 12 other guilds with a total Alliance level of 219 and growing!

Guild Policy

1. A member can only be rank up to Rank 2 and above AFTER a 1 to 2 week trial period, joining our custom channel and forums. The purpose of this is to serve as a motivation. We use our custom channel as our OFFICIAL GUILD CHAT and the forums is our major platform for announcements besides having a lot of useful information! We also have an optional voice-platform using Discord

2. Please respect all guild members and officers/leaders. Any form of personal attacks, harassment or discrimination of any sort (Race, Religion, Gender, Gear-wise etc.) is NOT TOLERATED.

3. Only Rank 5-7 can call the Stronghold Marauders event and Dragon Flight event to prevent confusion (As long as one is online). When the event is on, players are required to listen to the officer in charge. Guild Tiamat runs or WoD Heralds are usually done shortly after a Dragon Flight.

4. Previously (but had since been revised the moment we reached GH 20, might be implemented again when SH needs building), guild members are required to contribute a minimum of 1200 influence per week for those having 1-4 characters in guild and 2000 influence per week for those having 5+ characters in guild. Failing to do so will warrant a warning (Depending on the situation). Further warnings may result in a kick.

5. You require to at least have ONE lvl 70 in the guild. Any alts require to be lvl 60+.

6. Players who are inactive for 30+ days will be kicked due to inactivity, unless they are planning on coming back and have informed the officers of their absence. Inactive alts will be kicked after 15 days depending on the need of character space.

7. Contributing to the Stronghold coffer doesn't mean you have to be well-off! Just get your weekly influence (or more) and donate what you can without affecting your character progression to coffer whenever possible! A guild grows strong when all members contribute!

8. Lastly, be helpful, cooperative, and active. Most of us don’t bite when you poke your finger in guild chat! You are also free to post in the forums and share your ideas/knowledge!