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Hello and welcome to the Infernal Paragons website and forum!

Thank you for being interested in our Guild.

We are currently only recruiting level 80 tanks and healers at this time. Despite being a semi-casual guild that focuses mainly on PVE, we do have a few players who enjoy PVP> Both play styles are welcomed!

Guild Specifics: Guild Hall 20
  • Rank 10 Barracks (8k Power)
  • Rank 10 Stables (8k Armor Pen, 8k Defense, 20% Mount speed)
  • Rank 10 Temple (8k Awareness and revive sickness)
  • Rank 10 Wizard's Workshop (32k hp)
  • All Vendors on Rotation Schedule for the Mastercrafters!

Currently, Infernal Paragons has a few slots open for friendly helpful players, if you'd like to join us contact an officer In-game or apply at our website at the link below!

Below you can find more information about us, our activities and policies.

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You can also contact one of the officers in game:


Some information about us.

Infernal Paragons was originally formed during the Beta days as Twilight Empire, back in July 2013. As more members started to joined,we branched off into 2 guilds, creating a sub-guild called Twilight Empire, with emphasis on levelling up and renamed our main guild to Infernal Paragons for end game content, linking both guilds with a private channel.

With the coming of Strongholds, we unfortunately had to close down our sister guild, Twilight Empire, due to the cost of building up the stronghold. We brought everyone together under one roof and have built a strong community and family. Focusing on working and helping each other for personal and guild growth.

Our Requirements:

There is No current item level requirement for all classes. You do not need to be "BIS" to join us. All we require is for you to be active, friendly while contributing to the growth of the guild and be willing to work on improving yourself as a player.

We do not have a limit on the number of alt characters you can join with but they require to be 60 and above.

Additionally, since we have maxed out our stronghold, we encourage our members to donate any resources they have to our allies!

About our Activity:

Our guild is mainly PVE and that's the most common kind of guild run you'll find, but we're constantly forming groups for all epic content in the game, all the way to the endgame dungeons.

Do you need help with completing those BHE's for your legacy campaigns?
--> We can do it!
Do you need help with getting your rADs every day through Random Queues?
-->We can go there with you!
Do you need guidance as a new player or simply a returning one?
-->We will try to answer as precisely as possible!
Would you like to be part of a guild that tries to prioritize guild chat and alliance chat over channels?
-->We do not have iL requirement of any kind, we welcome anyone that volunteers in guild chat
Would you like to be part of a guild where guildies play together and work as a team despite differences with skills, casuals or semi-casual players?
-->We will finish this LoMM with you even if we have to restart the fights. Never give up
Would you like to be part of a guild where training runs are offered to bring the most of players through endgame dungeons?
-->Simply ask an officer in private or in guild chat and this will be done
Would you like to benefit of the advice of some "Legacy Players" (yes some are remaining in the game! they didnt all leave)?
-->Ask in guild chat, nobody bites here
Would you like to be part of a guild where Officers try to make guild events with prizes to be won throughout the year?
-->We officers are making events every 1-2 months, from Costume Contest to Trivia, or Guild Ranks Rename Contest, or Lottery

Are you ready to rumble? Apply today!


We are the Helm guild in the Infernal Alliance, an active and casual alliance compromised of 12 other guilds with a total Alliance level of 231 and growing!

Guild Policy

1.Members must join our custom channel (guildip) and are expected to have an account on the forum.

2. Please respect all guild members and officers/leaders. Any form of personal attacks, harassment or discrimination of any sort (Race, Religion, Gender, Gear-wise etc.) is NOT TOLERATED. When creating end-game groups, you have the right to turn down a member who will likely cause a failing or excessively painful run. If the content and current group allows for a carry, consider trying to make another run to provide that player with access to the content, while gently explaining that the group makeup would not work currently, but you will make an effort to make one that can work for another run. This is specific to our guild and does not apply to the alliance.

3. Contributing to the Stronghold coffer doesn't mean you have to be well-off! Just get your weekly influence (or more) and donate what you can without affecting your character progression. A guild grows strong when all members contribute. No donations to guild are required at this time, but alliance donations are highly encouraged. Do not stuff coffers with excess equipment or surplus to the point where others can barely donate. Simply put, don’t be greedy - be considerate of others. Once Strongholds increase in maximum level, this rule will be revisited and donations (farming) will likely become required. Failing to do so will warrant a warning. Further warnings may result in a kick.

4. You are required to have at least have ONE character in the guild. You may have as many active characters as you would like in the guild (Active being described as characters not simply used for invoking or banking purposes - a character you quest or dungeon with at least 1-2 times per week). You may have 2 characters < 80 that you are currently actively leveling to get that toon to level 80. Characters that are not actively played will be warned and/or removed. If you plan on being away from the game for more than 20 days, please post on the forums that you will be away so you will not be kicked due to inactivity when we're clearing the list.

5. . Guild bank is an honor-based system. You get some and you put some back whenever possible. Of course, donations are always welcomed.

6. Be helpful, cooperative, and active. Most of us don’t bite when you poke your finger in guild chat! You are also free to post in the forums and share your ideas/knowledge! Guild event attendance is not required, but guildies should help each other when possible and within reason. If you face any problems with guildies or have any suggestions you would like to contribute to the guild, do contact our officers and leaders. We cannot stress enough that the other officers and that we are always there to listen.

We are a pretty casual guild and we do not by any means tell our guildies how they should play or what they should do. We do not care about how much TIL you have and we respect a guildie's preference for privacy, playstyle and shyness. However, please mindful of other guildies/players when you do certain things, as some may be hurtful or disruptive.