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About Us

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Infernal Paragons is a long-establish guild, dating back to the Beta Testing days. We formed on July 2013.

We are a semi-casual End-Game focused guild. We provide a lively, friendly and supportive environment for all, be it the world-weary veterans with unmatched prowess in arts of war or new adventurers just stepping out of their home-turf. Consisting of people from all across the globe, We are a community of gamers craving for comradeship and fun, always eager to help in skill honing and gearing up. Like-wise, we are looking for those who are open-minded, helpful, dedicated and cooperative.

We have our own custom guild channel for the ease of communications and an officer or two will always be present at any hour to deal with day to day matters of a guild. Moreover, Infernal Paragons also have a guild website and facebook page which is updated regularly with the latest in-game information. Since the coming of Module 7: Strongholds, we’ve decided to focus more on the PvE aspects of progression.

Our guild is mainly PVE and that's the most common kind of guild run you'll find, but we're constantly forming groups for all epic content in the game, all the way to the endgame dungeons. We are constantly forming groups for content, including Tong and Cradle of the Death God plus a multitude of dungeon runs per day and the newest challenge- Castle Ravenloft. Nevertheless, we still have players grouping up for PVP domination and BID and everyone is welcomed to join them!

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