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Specialist says, "I can sum up the Infernal Paragons in one sentence :- Whether you are in the game for five minutes or five years the Infernal Paragons feels like home. Good company, good advice, good info and no chance of a loan of money....Just like home."

Karadra says,
"For me, playing an MMO is about having fun and enjoying the people I play with. Infernal Paragons has been a great guild for me because I love the people here and they're very knowledgeable about the game... they really do make it fun. I never see guild drama and everyone seems to get along with each other. That seems to be a rarity these days."

Vailen says,
"After being in small and large guilds, like Goldilocks, IP is JUUUUUUST right! I love end game content, but do not consider myself a hardcore end-gamer. I love the mixture of our guild and the company of friends and family. I fell in love with the IP website to start off, but enjoy having like-minded players around me when I'm playing Neverwinter Online."

Erf says, "Almost 3years here which makes this guild the one i spent the longest time in. Coming from 2 endgame hardcore guilds, i found it refreshing here with the casuality. I will not hide the frustration either of not having enough people to run endgame content but we'll get there. I am a strong believer that any mmorpg experience cant be good without the socialization aspect and this guild has this potential. I like that in here since Tong was introduced and increased difficulty content, most everyone got brought into those places to practice and finish.
Often when i log in its not because i absolutely want to grind more of Neverwinter but its because i want to spend time with people i met here."

Cata says,
"Do I like it at all? Yes of course - else I would not be here after all these years - and still playing^^ What I love most at the game and what keeps me playing - are the people here.
I was in like 3 - 4 guilds before when I joined IP - and something was different here - the people I met were more relaxed, more aware of others, joyful in the chat - and integrating a shy new "noob" like me. This has become my second family - a grown community over years - people that are kind, respectful to others and helpful. I had less complaints about guildmembers of IP than fingers at one hand over all these years - because IPs are teamplayers, they are patient and fair to others, even not guildmates.
We reached GH 20 as one of the very first guilds in NW - not because we were forcing people to grind and feed the mimic like crazy - but because of the great teamspirit around - people loved to help the guild to grow,sometimes to a point where we had to tell them to care for their own progress and wealth.
And now? - I have met so many great people, to see them leave the game again ( this was often painful for me) - but others come, fill the guild with life and catch a bit of the spirit around - I hope its enough to stay and have a nice home in all this Neverwinter-madness. I see it as my job to make IP a pleasant place - and I could not do that without the help of my wonderful officers, which gave and give such great support - always! Time to say "thank you, team - you are the best " !!"

Alien says,
"I have been playing Neverwinter since Module 1: Fury of the Feywild. I have been in a very limited number of guilds throughout my time playing Neverwinter. I prefer to do most things alone, but there is a lot of content in the game that requires you to team up with others; and with that comes the need to join a good guild! I joined Infernal Paragons after dropping from another guild after some drama occurred and was left without a guild. Infernal Paragons took in myself and a few others from the same guild. This was several years ago. One of the things I really like about IP is that there are lots of knowledgeable and helpful players in the guild. We have plenty of events running too. Whether you are a social butterfly or a solo player like myself, I think there is a little something for everyone in IP. 😀"

Sume says,
"I have been with IP for about 4 years now and I watched many players come and go during that time. As an endgame player, I am happy to stay in this guild where the atmosphere is relaxing and easygoing. I must admit that it is quite disappointing to have very few players to run endgame contents with, the consequence of being a casual guild. I'm not exactly a kind of person that likes to socialize and I think many of you notice this. If I were to join an endgame guild, surrounding myself with great players, I would end up getting bored very quickly. Teamwork is overpowered I tell you. I may not play with the guild often due to personal preference, but I would try to help others by answering uncommon questions.
The perpetual aspect of progression is more likely to exist in a guild such as this one than it is in the high-end guilds, constantly in a state of chasing certain goals but never quite reach them yet, intentionally or not. I don't mind carrying guildmates through some of the harder dungeons, in fact, I like doing so from time to time because I see it as a challenge. Player retention is always a big problem, especially when the game isn't doing well or there aren't enough friends to influence the decision of whether to stay or quit. Making long-term friends isn't easy when people are generally passive so what I recommend for current and potential guildmates is to look within yourself and find the reason to stay/join the guild. Spend some time with the guild first before jumping the ship at the first sign of dissatisfaction. Try not to expect others to convince you to stay but instead, convince yourself to do so. Making friends and socializing in the guild is important and I can't stress how important those are for keeping the community alive (It's strange coming from a quiet guy like me I know but my point still stands!)."

Sab says, "Hi , I am Sab and freshly newly recruited here (that was yesterday !), so posting any comment to tell about how fun the guild is is not really relevant I suppose . What's more if all of us would have posted a comment here there would have been hours of reading ( for who knows who^^)!!To make it short : from this start I've noticed guildies being friendly , helpful and funny , and I have to admit that my recruiter has been a really good help to make and help me join you ( thank you Mr. Vailen Misplaced )."

Aragorn says,
"I started playing Neverwinter in July 2018 and joined IP only a few months ago. I left my previous guild (my first in the game) as it was a very sleepy guild and I often find that I am the only player online for long stretches of time. My experience with IP has been awesome. I love the casual, friendly and welcoming atmosphere. The guild has quite a number of top tier end game players. More importantly, they are extremely helpful and patient in bringing less experienced players like me through the more difficult end game dungeons. The guild leaders/officers also organize contests and events on a regular basis, which injects an element of fun into the game and provides a good break from the daily in-game grind. To me, this also shows that they genuinely care and are passionate about the guild and its members. My only wish is that we have more people that play in the afternoon of the Asian time zone as most guild members are currently from the United States and Europe. But this is not a big issue for me as I have adjusted my play schedule such that I make myself available for group content with guild members in the first half of the day and reserve the second half of the day for doing the dailies/weeklies when it is quieter. So, my overall experience with the guild has been extremely positive and I hope that IP will not only be the second but also the last guild that I join in Neverwinter."

Mara says,
"I think i joined this guild around September, 2013. So, damn its almost 6 years. Its basically been my only guild since the beginning, not considering the dead guilds that i hopped in and out of in the first month. So i have seen the days of Twilight Empire to the hardships on the change to Infernal Paragons, and i have seen politics and merges and everything there is to see in this guild and dare i say it was all very interesting. Personally, i started as a hardcore pvp player. Never cared for anything PVE cos it got boring after the first success, would generally run every content once and then spend entire days in pvp (sometimes 10-12 hours straight...yea those days lol). I tried to push people into pvp, but it didnt really work :D There were a lot of pvp guilds that offered me places and for a short time i did take Mara to Synergy, but it didnt take long for me to get bored by the epeen comparisons and i came back. I met a lot of wonderful people here and have become friends with some at least, maybe some i wont call friends :) but then time flies, things fall apart...right? :D So i am kinda still sentimental with the times i shared with most of them, ones who still are present and the ones who left. And then very recently, maybe 2 years or so(?) i started with PVE and i realised it wasnt about just finishing content, it was about the elegance with which its done, and with the company i had, some great supports and buffers, i think i had some of the best and most quality time in this game. and i had a great deal of fun. And the only reason i logged back to slog through the same dungeons over and over again to get the same crap blue gear as the end drop was cos of the company and the time i shared, the casual banter and the overall awesomeness. So yea, this guild has been great to me, its been casual and family friendly yet pretty fun mostly. There have been drama and politics and arguments but overall thats just how a family works. This guild kinda has been the neverwinter family for me. "

Ouix says,
"I recently joined Infernal Paragons after looking around for a guild for quite a while. I'm a relatively new player and from past experience with MMO's I knew finding a guild that suited me was key.

I asked a few questions with one of the guild members, who was incredibly friendly and helpful, and quickly realised the guild was what I wanted. I needed a social, friendly and active guild that was full of people to chat with, hang out with, and to play with. I found out pretty fast that the guild had everything I was looking for.

Theres always something going on, or an event to look forward to, or just something happening to get involved in, and if I'm busy and cant get on, then discord is there to stay in touch and see what people are up to.

I think I'm really lucky to have found the right guild for me!"

Erza says, "I'm a fossil. A relic of the past. A memory of what used to be. I used to be a High Vizier, and my gloves were reinforced. Alas, times change... but one thing hasn't - and that's Infernal Paragons!

In normal English, what that means is that I'm a longtime player - I've been playing Neverwinter since 2013. The game has changed so much since then, and almost nothing remains the same. The one exception to that is this guild. I joined IP with a group of friends in mod 7/8 to get away from some drama in my previous guild, and it was without a doubt the greatest decision I could have ever made. The people in Infernal Paragons are not only skilled endgame players, but they are kind, helpful, and most important of all, very richfunny. Even when the content is a grind, the game gets repetitive, and the dungeon loot is abysmal, the people in this guild make it worth it. They are what keep me logging in every day, and I know that the same will be true for you as well if you join Infernal Paragons!"

Elentari says,
"I've been playing Neverwinter for a few weeks and in this time have tried a few guilds which didn't work out for me.. until I found IP!
I'm quite new to the guild yet but already feel like part of the family and that's why I'm writing this testimonial. This is how this guild makes you feel.
Since my first contact with Valien I felt dear to them and as I joined the guild I was received with a warming welcome from a lot of easygoing and friendly people. Didn't take me long to understand I finally was joining a guild worth being part of.
For me the reason to join a guild is to be part in something bigger and IP is not just a guild it feels like a family. People will look after you, they care about you, they help and have joy and feel happy in being able to do so.

I feel really happy being part of IP and I believe anyone who get to know the guild and the people in it will feel the same way.

It feels much better to play when you are in good company and here you certainly are!

Thanks guys and hope the guild keep growing and growing!"

Halvulv says,
"I started playing NW when it launched and quit in April 2014. I love mmorpg's and played WoW for about 8 years leading guilds and raids. I returned to NW April this year with some real life friends who I have a guild with. Unfortunately you can't progress a guild with 4 active members only (well maybe but it will take ages) so I decided to look for a nice stable guild and found IP.

The whole process of recruiting and welcoming has really made an impression on me and now I play a total differnt game than before joining.

All members are funny and helpful and the officers and leaders are active and help players with how and what regarding character improvement and/or tactics vs bosses.

So far I am having a ball and I hope my grumpiness haven't hurt anyone (I'm old and grumpy :-) ) within the guild as I might be a bit harsh when trying to be helpful.

So if you feel lonely, come to IP. if you wan't to improve, come to IP, if you wanna have nice guildmates, join IP . If youy wanna donate 6m AD PM me!"

LowJohn says,
"I started playing in the beta, because a bunch of friends of mine were playing and even though I couldn't stand World Of Warcraft and Eve and Everquest I decided I would install this other MMO because they said "It's different" and "It's not like other MMOs" and "We will play with you".

That third one didn't last but the action-game factor of the other two did. I occupied our small guild solo until Strongholds, when suddenly you needed a ton of people to get the good boosts, and looked at my friends list and joined.... THIEVES WORLD.

Which was honestly a pretty nice place, lots of fun people, until the guild leader went squirrely and started multi-hour screaming fests and kicking people for nonsense reasons. @Erza Moonstalker dropped me a line while I was on vacation (I was literally on a beach on Maui) to tell me that he and most of my other friends were jumping ship to this new guild, and asking me to come along ASAP because spots were limited. So I did.

That was October 2015. I've been here since. I have never once regretted it.

The game is okay, it keeps my attention and I keep coming back over the years. The guild? The guild is FUN."